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Download ITIL Online Review - I contemplated for the ITIL v3 Foundation accreditation exam for more than 2 months, perusing a wide range of reference books and doing test ITIL exam questions. I at last passed the ITIL v3 Foundation (2011) examination on 7 June, 2014 with a score of 95% (38/40).

The following are the suggested succession of perusing the ITIL presents on this site on enable you to explore your ITIL exam process:

1. What is ITIL and ITIL Qualification Scheme?
2. How to Register for the ITIL v3 Foundation Certification Exam?
3. Prescribed ITIL v3 Foundation Online Course
4. Prescribed ITIL v3 Foundation Study Guide
5. [FREE] ITIL v3 Foundation Official Sample Exam Paper
6. My Complete ITIL v3 Foundation Study Notes
7. Passing the ITIL v3 Foundation Exam - Experience Sharing

After an inside and out research of the ITIL exam prerequisites, I have discovered the great part is that there is NO instruction or experience necessities and the ITIL confirmation will never terminate. Anybody wishing to get ITIL Foundation affirmed can do as such with self-examine. The not all that great part is anyway it is extremely hard to sit just the ITIL Foundation exam without purchasing the examination course in a package (e.g. Simplilearn ITIL 2011 Foundation Training - Note: Simplilearn offers rebate coupons every once in a while, you may attempt the coupon code SPRING50 to get half off on ITIL v3 Foundation Exam course). In the event that you are a PMP, taking a course will have the additional advantages of enabling you to assert Category A PDU (unbounded) rather than Category C (which would expect you to give bunches of evidence).

To be completely forthright, the ITIL v3 Foundation exam is not very troublesome. Be that as it may, becoming acquainted with how to enroll and get ready for the ITIL exam is to some degree more troublesome. That is the reason I am posting this ITIL Foundation travel on my blog to help individual ITIL wannabes to get the capability simpler. It is conceivable that you can pass the exam with possibly 14 days of extraordinary investigation.

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